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XO Slingshot 

the XO Slingshot is a leverage repeating slingshot gun with a magazine for 6 arrows and a laser sight. 

the whole design is optimized for 3D printing (also for small 3D printer) and you can use all standard 160 mm arrows and slingshot rubber tube.

the dimensions are: 
total lenght: 31 cm
height closed lever: 18 cm
height open lever: 35 cm
width (at front): 9.5 cm 

in the next months we produce the injected molding version with polymer material but there is also the 3D printed version available. 

Jörg Sprave from the slingshot channel...

the inspiration to the XO Slingshot was the YouTube video "Wooden Slingshot Pistol Is Amazing!" where he say at the end of the movie that someone should make a 3D printed version of his wooden invention. Lukasz Jankowski launched his 3D printed version "Adderini" two weeks before us under: https://legolini.com ...see the difference from the similar product of 3 different designer ;-)

Jörg Sprave Slingshot Channel and his shop GoGun.de

XO Slingshot rubber gum changing
two other inventions...

the hole for the rubber tube and rope changing...
an other invention is the hole over the trigger for easy changing the rubber tube and the rope. 

the button in the front of the grip for open the lever...
so you have two choices - you can open the lever at the bottom of the grip with the slider or over the button inside the grip - up to you ;-) 


...is a project of the xoliwexr.com 
and micromedia.li company group

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